VJC Alumni Events

VJC 40th Anniversary Gala

27 July 2024  |  40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Yo VJC! Join us for an evening of nostalgia, laughter, and raise a toast to the years that have shaped our journey. Your presence will make this anniversary dinner truly unforgettable. Come on, grab your friends and secure your table here.

VJC Open House

13 January 2024  |  VJC Open House

Calling all O-Level graduates! Looking for a vibrant community that looks out for one another and helps you reach greater heights? V Got Your Back! Join us for an exciting day of discovery and envision the incredible journey that awaits you. Meet our dedicated teachers and friendly students, immerse yourself in the legendary Victorian spirit. See you there!

VJC Homecoming 2024

6 January 2024  |  VJC Homecoming 2024

We're thrilled to bring the VJC Homecoming event to you on the first weekend of the new year! Join us as we celebrate the camaraderie and the spirit that keeps our flag unfurled. Get ready to reconnect, reminisce, and relive the timeless memories!

VJC Open House 2023

14 January 2023  |  VJC Open House

It’s time for everyone to find out why Victoria is Something more! Whether you are keen to have your child follow your tradition, or have friends and neighbours whose child is exploring the post-Secondary Education landscape, spread the word about the VJC Open House! It is a rain or shine event - no matter the weather, you will feel the Victorian warmth.

VJC Homecoming 2023

7 January 2023  |  VJC Homecoming 2023

The one you’ve been waiting for - the inaugural VJC Homecoming event is here! Time to reminisce about the good times, silly antics and so much more! Bond over food, engage in a range of fun activities and soak in the Victorian spirit with family and friends. Be sure to join us to recall, relive and reunite!

VJC Concert Series

April - May  |  VJC Concert Series

Treat yourself to an evening of music at our very own Performance Theatre. Be mesmerised by our talented students from Chinese Orchestra, Dance, English Drama, Guitar Ensemble, Harmonica Band, String Ensemble and Indian Cultural Society. Our Choir will be performing at the Victoria Concert Hall and our Symphonic Band will be performing at Esplanade as part of the Limelight Series. Dates and ticket prices will be announced in the first quarter of 2023.

Alumni Reunions

For alumni who would like to organise a reunion with your friends, CCA mates in VJC, we would be happy to source for suitable venues within the school compound, extend an invitation on your behalf to teachers currently in our employ or who have left the College and help publicise the reunion on our social media platforms.

Feel free to leave a note at our Contact Us page with your ideas and feedback.

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